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I have been making a variety of desserts for many years. My family and friends for a longtime were telling me that I need to start expanding my chocolate clientele so that others can know about me so they can enjoy my products too. So Chocolates By Maria-Nut Free was founded with love in my Greek kitchen in October 2012. Trying to balance my day job and starting a business has had some challenges, however, having amazing people in my life has kept be balanced and focused to succeed with both jobs running at the same time. Chocolates by Maria-Nut Free is a unique chocolate company because of the products I use. I take pride with every hand dip delicacy I personally create.

I make sure that every bow is secure on every box, and for all local deliveries I deliver them myself so I can see my customers face to face to thank them for their order. For those orders that are shipped, I make sure that everything is packaged carefully boxed so when it reaches you, everything is perfect. Customer satisfaction is what I strive for and how I reach that is with good, quality products which are made with love and dedication.
Every order is made fresh when they are placed with me. I take pride in all of my products. The chocolate I use is gluten free and Chocolates by Maria-Nut Free is currently as the name states and will remain a Nut Free company for everyone to enjoy.
I look forward to taking and preparing your order soon.

Maria Vlahos-Owner/Founder
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